Online poker strategy for all players

December 23rd, 2013

viktor-blomLet’s start with holdem at the low limits. As many poker players like to see the flop, it is not recommended to bluff too much at these stakes. Raise with your premium hands, otherwise it is like beating your head against the wall. The main poker skills at this level are a good understanding of odds and knowing when to fold.

If you know how to play good poker, you might win fewer pots than your competitors, but you will gain as the pots that you win will be large enough to provide you with a solid advantage. Sometimes bad luck will hit you, you’ll often see how your draws seem to never hit, but your opponents’ poker hands will be often hit by luck, because your opponents will frequently call your bets with marginal hands.

Rarely bluff, but you imperatively need to bet and raise with premium hands, adding to the money in the pot when you dominate the board. To be aggressive to increase the pot size is also important because you have to be careful not to provide cheap cards to the other players, who hate to fold their own cards.

Next is Texas Hold’em at the medium stakes. Almost all the players at these limits are in a position to beat the cheaper games, but one will also play with people who are only slightly proficient at the game, but have enough money to afford to play regularly. These players are playing less justifiable starting hands, and most pots are played two or three-handed.

Your opponents will be putting pressure on you a lot. Make bets to increase the pots when you have a strong hand, especially against opponents who love to call or raise with decent strength hands, but not the monster hands. If you make money in low-limit poker, the transition to these levels can be very profitable for you. However, it is also important to know your opponents and to be able to choose the juiciest tables.

Let’s conclude with the ultra high limits. The best room for that type of stake is pokerstars. There you will find the best poker players to be seen on the Web. There may be some changes in style, but basically the style people play will be well mastered and it will be really difficult for you to find any leaks in them. For example, some players can play too many hands before the flop, but post flop they become sharks, partly compensating for this pretense of bad style. The players will always be fighting for the blinds, and use creative approaches to the game of. This is what you must be ready to face.

Normally, you should not play these games, but if you have the self-control and skills, you should only play when you can win, and you can make giant profits there. The variance in these games is huge, and the average poker player here can easily loose it all.

Just make sure you you are not the one.

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